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About the book "Ділове Закарпаття"

The first issue of book "Golden Pages of Ukraine" in Transcarpathia was released in 1996. At 180 pages, this edition was published addresses and phone numbers of about 600 companies and organizations. Since the volume handbook has increased significantly, changed its appearance: the name, the content was added. In 2006 he published an electronic version of the directory on the CD. Our advertising information guide will be a reliable companion in business and many executives gain new business partners in Ukraine and abroad, using information from our "gold" pages. Handbook published volume of more than 400 A4 pages in paperback, includes a black-and-white pages of reference data, full-color "gold" page ad units and business information on more than 8,000 companies, enterprises and organizations Transcarpathia. Also, the publication contains promotional pages on coated paper, card and Uzhhorod Transcarpathian region. Published circulation of 10 thousand copies. All partners Directory and CD is presented as a gift. Distributed free circulation by an elaborate system securely courier, specialized exhibitions and can be purchased at retail through its branch network "Ukrposhta" and bookstores. Team of Transcarpathian branch "Golden Pages of Ukraine" prepared anniversary edition, hoping that we collect information to help you make more money, find new business partners and freely navigate the world of business. We will be very grateful if suggestions and comments that arose during the use of reference "Business Transcarpathia 2012", you send an e-mail: gp@utel.net.ua or call: (0312) 61-26-85.